About forty years ago I rediscovered my ability in sculpting. It took me a period of intense working my way through the field of sculpting. I did a fast selflearning proces along different materials, developing own techniques and sometimes inventing my own tools. I started fulltime sculpting twetyfive years ago. Before I merely worked in the field of coaching changes of people and organisations. In the past guarter of a century I made over ninety sculptures, built my own workplace and realised five landart projects. Working with diverse materials and main themes I gradually developed a strong preference for a single material and a triade themes. Favorite material is erratic rocks, the main fields of work became waterworks, swancircle and landart projects.

Recent development, since early spring 2009, are the Oasis projects: " Oases in City & Land ". See:

Derk den Boer
Kometenstraat 16
9742 ED Groningen
the Netherlands
tel ++31624236200