Period between 2018 and 2023

During the past six years, between 2018 and 2023 several things happened

I started as master at the Frisian Art Academy, KAF, in Leeuwarden. Teaching mainly sculpting, Future Cities and Art Appreciation

In april 2022 two erratic rock sculptures were placed in CasPoMor park in the Paddepoel neighbourhood; 'Vuurvleugels' and 'Toekomst'

Spring 2022 a fifth Landart project was realised 'Swancircle in Wessinghuizen'. In this project a long desired wish to gather my swansculptures into a definitive swancircle was realised. This became possible because I could use a lot of land with a pool from Artphy in Wessinghuizen. In the midst of the pool a column of basalt with a large flint and a large ball of obsidian on top of it was raised. It represents the connection with the saltformations in the deeper underground in this area.

After a period of wait the piece of swamp kauri from New Zealand was transformed into a sculpture, 'Whakamua' 



Spring 2017

Finished a triptych of glassworks.

A new ' Passage ' out of basalt.

A wallnut sculpture out of a thick branch of the former wallnut near " huis te Glimmen ".

Start of the work on the piece of kauri wood from New Zealand.

Autumn & winter 2016

Travelling through New Zealand from begin november until end december.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  A meeting with colleage Landart artist Chris Booth.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Arranged shipping of a special piece of swamp kauri wood.

Spring & summer 2016

The brass Phoenix found a place and owner in Termunterzijl.

Renovated my workplace and realised installation for lifting.

Ungoing work on a special piece of petrified wood from Arizona.

Spring 2016

Exhibition in Appingedam. Duo exhibition with Liz Agostini, from march 12th to april 24th. This one gives a nice overvieuw of my sculptures during the years .

 Two restoration works ahead.

images/docs/Agostini-Boer_Uitnodiging-digi.pdfclick for view on invitation exhibition

Winter 2015

Work on new designs and models.

Autumn 2015

Once again changes and improvements of the Triadem project in Blauwestad.

Summer 2015

During this season I mainly worked in my workplace.

Spring 2015

Groningen triptych, or Groningen's family party, with it's central theme: life cycle, is placed at the Hunebedcentrum in Borger, in week 10.

The Triadem project is improved to be up to the TÜV standard for playlandscape, in march

In my workplace two laburnum works are to appear

Winter 2014

New plans for:

the next landart project

works in wood & glass

a new line in works

Autumn 2014

The " life cycle " project in progress 

Changes & improvements on the Triadem project

Summer 2014

Opening ceremony of the Triadem project happened on June 11th 

See: Youtube, onthulling Triadeem in Blauwestad, by RTV logo

Spring 2014

The Triadem project starts in week 9 with preparation of the area ans construction works. Work in progress until mid-May .

The main theme of " Groningen tryptich ", the workplace project, is " Life Cycle "

Winter 2013

The first large landart project with erratic rocks in Groningen, " Triadem ", is about to start. The area of Blauwestad, in the Oldambt community, is to be enriched with a large experience-art project for children of all ages. A good part of the boulders came out of the Groninger Forum building location.

The making of " Groningen Tryptich ". Awaiting a decision about the next landart project I returned to my workplace. In progress is a tryptich sculptures made out of three extraordinary boulders that appeared out of three special finding sites in Groningen city; Noorderplantsoen, Damsterdiep and Nieuwe Markt, during the past seven years.

Autumn 2013

Working towards the first large landart project with erratic rocks in the province of Groningen. 

Summer 2013

During the month of May a good part of the " Ice Age Path ", along the King Willem Alexandercanal, is created. In the first week of June the finishing touch on two locations will be done. The Rapakivi Garden and the formations with Swedish granites will be finished just before the opening ceremony of the canal on June 8th. A part of the project is creating " Prehistorical Seats and Sofa's ", nice spots where visitors can have a moment of rest on seats and near tables formed based on the natural shape of boulders.

Spring 2013

Two sculptures travel to Denmark on april 27th. A new swan, ' Sleeping Beauty ', to the Art Festival of Kerteminde and ' Still Wave ' to SKULPTURØlgod, poetry of the elements. ' Still wave ' is created of a, in NL, rare erratic rock, a Sorsele granite from the north of Sweden. 

The Black & White swan, staying at Hyldespjaeldet sculpture bank, needs a restauration because of an accident. 

The works to create the " Ice Age Path " start in the second week of May.

Winter 2012

Continuing work on sculptures in my workplace.

Preparation work on projects starting spring 2013.
Expected projects:

” 1000 Forum boulders “, a large project to give a meaningfull new allocation to the boulders that will appear out of the foundation of a building project in the heart of Groningen city, in coöperation with associated sculptors.

” Ice Age Path “, the project in SE Drenthe that is delayed about half a year.

Autumn 2012


Presentation of ” Oases in City & Land ” at the Art Fair International Groningen, september 21, 22 & 23  , at Martini Plaza.

Some artistic polishing work in the Boulder Garden of the Hunebedcentrum in Borger, to show the inside of specific " guidance " stones, last week of September and the first week of October.

Co-creator of the " Ice Age Path ", within a project of construction & restauration of a waterway in SE Drenthe, a project with boulders on 5 locations. 

Summer 2012

Exhibition of Black & White swan at Sculpture Biënnale Copenhagen, Kongens Have / King's Garden, Augustus 25 – October 21.
Exhibition of Black & White swan and presentation of ” Oases in City & Land ” during Hyldespjaeldet SkulpTUR 12, Albertslund, Copenhagen 2 June 2 – August 14.

Spring 2012

Return to Italy, first week of May.
Visiting Umbrië and presenting the results of an Oasis research to the City Council of Firenze..

Winter 2011


Finishing a couple of sculptures that waited for my return into my workplace.

December 3 – 12 

Florence Biënnale, in the Fortezza Da Basso, Firenze
Presenting my main working theme for the coming years: ” Oases in City & Land ” , and start of presenting " Oases " at an International platform.

November 19 & 20 :

Presentation of ” Oases in City & Land ” during the Dutch Preview of DFBA; Dutch Florence Biënnale Artists. Mainly meant for Dutch friends and interested persons as well as try out of the Information Panel.

Summer & autumn 2011

Production of the Information Panel, sizes 2 x 3 meter, including text, designs, pictures and short film, to present the main working theme: ” Oases in City & Land ” at the Florence Biënnale  , early december.

Summer 2011

Oasis summerproject in the Westerkwartier, on four beautiful locations.
On each location a temporary exhibition of sculptures and a lasting Oasis element.

Spring 2011

Broken Circle, the Oasis landart project that marks the finding site of " Yde's Girl ", is realised after a period of over four years of preparation.
The opening ceremony was on April 21 th , see project.

Water-playground in Messchenveld, Assen
realisation in August, see project.


Longstay exhibition at Rietland, Zuidwolde, of six sculptures inside and ' Blue Birth ', a large blue quartz, outside. 


” Oases in nowadays landart and city-art ”, see website :